On March 26th, AIO facilitated a communications and advocacy workshop to develop a narrative for both high level decision makers and communities nationwide on midwifery.

The meeting brought together midwives from across the country to build a robust and emotive communications campaign that aims to amplify the demand for quality midwifery services in Tanzania.

The communications meeting provided a supportive space for midwives to share experiences and highlight the challenges that they face when performing their duties in the community. There was also emphasis on establishing a common narrative that all stakeholders should collectively use when speaking out about midwifery.

“We are so grateful to The Access Challenge and our communications partner AIO for providing us with this opportunity. Midwives often go unnoticed and yet we are a fundamental human resource in improving maternal and newborn health outcomes in our country.” Feddy Mwanga, President of Tanzania Midwives Association (TAMA).

To read the full article on AIO’s participation on amplifying the demand for midwives, visit Africa Inside Out’s notes 

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