The Access Challenge tasked AIO to create a new brand for their first ever campaign that would lobby for universal access to healthcare in Africa.  ‘One by One’ was developed out of the notion that universal access to healthcare can be achieved as governments, leaders, influencers and citizens come together ‘one by one’ to achieve the collective goal. One by One also plays on the concept that healthcare services will provide every mother, every child and every adolescent with the essential immunisations, prevention and treatment services they require, one by one, in order to provide every person with the potential of living a healthy, fulfilling life.

“Every person should have equal access to the essential prevention, diagnostic and treatment interventions that are critical to sustain life. ‘One by One: Target 2030’ is a new campaign founded on the premise that every single life has equal value. One by One, we must come together with clear commitment and policy action to safeguard and protect every single one of these lives.” Kate Campana, CEO, The Access Challenge

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