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About Us

AIO is a communications & advocacy practice that has been applying advertising and communication techniques for the developmental sector since 2012. We stand by the notion that a well informed society is a healthy, more stable one and that every human being has the right to live a healthy, productive life. This is why we work with partners to develop communication materials that help create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty.

We specialise in health, education and social development with an acute understanding of how issues are often interlinked and apply behaviour change communications, social mobilisation and advocacy strategies to reach the ultimate goal of improving people’s livelihoods.

We have worked with UNICEF, The European Union, Exxon Mobil, BG, The Clinton Foundation, Speak Up Africa, Solar Aid, Push for Change, United Against Malaria and The Jakaya Kikwete Foundation and continue focusing on ways for our practice to contribute to the sustainable development goals for Africa, in Africa.



Meet Our Team

Based in East Africa, we combine local knowledge and insights with international experience to deliver content for social mobilisation, behaviour change communication campaigns and strategic advocacy.  We have a diverse, highly dynamic Tanzanian team that is able to work across multiple communication platforms for partner organisations, bilateral aid agencies and corporates.  We design communication solutions driven by research, behaviour patterns and focus group testing which is then produced by our in-house graphic, audio and TV studio to make the best possible impact and reach the objectives.  From living in East Africa, we are able to research and produce content quickly and effectively with meaningful purpose.



Rebecca is the Founder of AIO and consults for various institutions, helping navigate communications and advocacy investments across Africa.

She is a strategic genius and creativity flows through her veins. She also gives her time to all of our pet projects which makes her pretty awesome.


The Creative

The sharpest, most stylish dressed member of our team, we lured Pim to join us after spending most of his career in the corporate world.

Applying a fresh approach to the not-for-profit sector gives the work we do the right amount of punch to stand out from the soup.


The Researcher

Razaq is probably one of the nicest guys you will meet with a very thoughtful and pragmatic approach to all of our programmes. To top it off he has an amazing voice and cracking laugh.

What many people don’t know is that he is the mastermind and founder of a modelling agency - Mystic Africa Models

2017 Pet Project: #thepowerofone


Evans is our gentle giant but to the masses, he is a well known comedian, MC, Radio & TV personality in East Africa. Joining the AIO team in 2017 as a storyteller, Evans travels throughout the continent sniffing out amazing people disrupting the norm with innovative solutions that improve people’s lives. His funny, friendly and easy going style quickly makes even the shyest of Africans relax and tell their story.


The Boss

Georgie is our wonder woman who keeps us all in check with her amazing organisational skills. She makes sure that we stay on track and deliver on time. As Programme Coordinator Georgie is constantly liaising between the programme, communication and creative teams.

2017 Pet Project: #makeitmatter


The Videographer

Frank is our creative genius and he has an eye for the shot that others would maybe miss. Frank goes the extra mile to capture the perfect imagery and has the secret formula to create spectacular stories and documentaries.


The Art Director

Osse is one of the most established and respected young photographers in Tanzania. Probably less known for his videography and art direction, Osse turns our programme objectives into visual masterpieces.
He also has a studio called OGS Studios

2017 Pet Project: #TheSocietyTz